TEDx 組織者 Ivana Korom ,趕上翻譯的經驗

Catching up with translator and TEDx organizer Ivana Korom

Ivana Korom

Ivana Korom來自塞爾維亞的諾威薩(Novi Sad),是位自由訓練員與教育者,此次TEDxSummit會議舉辦期間,我們請她分享翻譯心得,以及在當地籌辦TEDx活動的經驗。

At TEDxSummit we caught up with Ivana Korom to talk about translating and planning a TEDx event in Serbia. Ivana is a freelance trainer and educator from Novi Sad.



When and why did you start translating for TED?

I’ve been translating for two years. I couldn’t find a job after university and was doing some NGO workshops when a friend told me about TED.com and said I should watch the talks. After two or three talks I saw the option to translate. I was especially interested in talks about psychology and by psychologists because the material was so new. I studied psychology in university, and our textbooks were from the ‘70s and ‘80s. I thought some Serbian psychology students might stumble onto these talks and I could help them access the information by translating.



What’s the most interesting project you’ve worked on recently?

TEDx! We held the first TEDxNoviSad in December, the fourth TEDx event in Serbia. Since then we’ve held two salon events and a TEDxChange event. We’re planning a salon event every month to keep the community interested and engaged, and to spread the word.



Is there anything distinctly difficult about organizing events like TEDx in Serbia in this time of transition?

As always finding sponsors is as demanding as a full-time job. Even lots of relevant organizations don’t know about TED. At the same time we also have to be sensitive about things coming from the West. Because of the NATO bombings 13 years ago, some people don’t want to have anything to do with Europe or America. “Russia is our best friend!” We make an effort to put on an event which feels local, one which is about the community and which people can relate to. It’s not a question of nationalism. We’re not coming with rebel forces. It’s a platform, who cares who made it? It’s a good place for connection.

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TEDx 組織者 Kristine Sargsyan ,問答和翻譯的經驗

The kids will be alright:
Q&A with translator and TEDx organizer Kristine Sargsyan

Kristine Sargsyan

Kristine Sargsyan除了是TED譯者,也是亞美尼亞首都TEDxYerevan主辦人,在非政府組織與企業界具備13年經驗,擔任組織發展顧問與專案協調人,她此次在TEDxSummit會議期間也接受訪問,內容如下。

At TEDxSummit we caught up with Kristine Sargsyan, TED translator and organizer for TEDxYerevan. Kristine has been working in the NGO and business sector as an Organizational Development Consultant and Project Coordinator for 13 years.




When and why did you start translating for TED?

I started translating TEDTalks in 2009 because of my son, Mika, who is ten. The first talk I translated was William Kamkwamba’s How I harnessed the wind. He loved it. I showed the translated talk to his class, and the kids loved it, too. They started asking him, When is your mom coming back?

Translating the talks is a kind of meditation for me; it helps me dive deeply into the stories. When I’m stressed, I transfer my energy into something good. It helps me lose my sense of ego. The same goes for TEDx.



我最近決定辭職,投注更多時間為孩子籌辦TEDx活動,因為他們聽不懂英語演講,翻譯當然大有助益,目前在TEDx Activators計畫下,已針對弱勢族群孩童舉辦兩場活動。

What do you hope to achieve with your TEDx events?

In school, kids are using books and materials from ancient times; there’s no innovation or creativity. TV is full of garbage. TEDTalks is a new opportunity for kids to watch, learn and have a life-changing experience.

I recently decided to leave my permanent job to put more time into putting on TEDx events for kids, and being a translator helps a lot since I can’t show the talks in English for the kids. We have done two events for kids from disadvantaged communities with the TEDx Activators program.




So you hope to reach young people in Armenia.

Yes. As a parent you have to think about your kid and other kids. Recently there was a program on TV discussing environmental issues in Armenia. My son watched it, then he went to his room and started crying. He said, “I hate people because they do so much harm to our Earth. How are we going to change things?” I thought, What are we doing for our kids?

Actually my son is famous! In Armenia everybody knows he’s the reason I started TEDx. On the way here I was stopped in the airport by a Scottish woman, the representative of FlyDubai in Armenia. She said, “Aren’t we friends on Facebook? Aren’t you the mom of this great kid Mika who pushed you to do TEDxYerevan?”

  來源   >   翻譯:Leonard   |   文章:TED Blog – The kids will be alright: Q&A with translator and TEDx organizer Kristine Sargsyan

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