Adrian David Cheok

Adrian David Cheok

Adrian David Cheok,混合現實實驗室創辦人。致力於研發虛擬五感,其中的科技味蕾讓人們的大腦透過手機品嚐到食物的味道,科技五感的開發幫助失去感知功能的人透過此方式刺激不同感官,重拾五感。
Adrian David Cheok is the founder and director of Singapore’s Mixed Reality Lab. His team created the Scentee, a module that can be attached to a smartphone to emit puffs of scent using chemical cartridges. The basic idea behind it is that you can send aromas over the Internet. Cheok is planning to use his previous work using the Scentee and the taste actuator to help build an element that will be able to stimulate smell electronically.