Atem Ramsundersingh

Atem Ramsundersingh

Atem Ramsundersingh // 前世界銀行發展專家

Ramsundersingh,荷蘭人。曾經在超過六十五個低、中收入戶國家(亞洲、中東、非洲、拉丁美洲),過渡時期國家(東歐、中亞)以及荷蘭,擔任公共基礎建設的規劃和策略制定者,同時也是組織創新、改革和發展的專家。 近年來,他是新加坡數家公司的CEO。Ramsundersingh 是前世界銀行華盛頓特區總部全球事業處的銀行家。他擁有台扶特大學科技學位(1988)。並曾在劍橋大學、哈佛商學院、世界銀行發展政策學院受過訓練。Ramsundersingh 是喜馬拉雅瑜珈靜修社交網絡的副總幹事。他也是促進歐亞對談、交流和永續發展協會的主席。

Atem Ramsundersingh // Ex-World Bank Specialist

Ramsundersingh, a Dutch Citizen, has been an infrastructure planner/strategist and an organizational change, reform and development professional in more than 65 low and middle income countries (Asia, Middle East, Africa, Latin America), countries in transition (Eastern Europe / Central Asia), and The Netherlands. Currently he serves as CEO of a group of companies based in Singapore. He is a former World Banker who operated from the Headquarters of in Washington DC on global programs. He is Chairman of the Asia-Europe Foundation for Dialogue, Exchange and Sustainable Development.