Dale J. Stephens

Dale J. Stephens

Dale J. Stephens 是一位相當受歡迎的教育專家,對於未來的教育、天賦和創新有著獨特的觀點,他時常出現在主要的新聞網絡中包含像CNN、ABC、NPR、CBS、Fox、TechCrunch、紐約雜誌和Forbes,他的著作已經被刊登在紐約時報、華盛頓郵報及Fast Company中。


二十歲的時候,Dale領導社會運動UnCollege,給予學生創造自己的教育的權力。在2011年五月,Dale自全球數以百計的候選名單中獲選為Thiel Fellow。泰爾獎學金是由Peter Thiel所創立,Peter Thiel是PayPal的共同創辦人,同時也是第一位投資Facebook的投資者,被視為二十世紀的世界首席企業家。

Dale J. Stephens brings a unique perspective on the future of education, talent, and innovation. He is a sought-after education expert appearing on major news networks including CNN, ABC, NPR, CBS, Fox, TechCrunch, New York Magazine, and Forbes. His writing has has been published in the New York Times, Washington Post, and Fast Company.

Dale’s first book, Hacking Your Education, will be published by Penguin in early 2013. The book focuses on his story of unschooling, the self-directed form of homeschooling he engaged in when he left school at age 12.

At 20, Dale leads UnCollege, the social movement empowering students to create their own education. In May 2011 Dale was selected out of hundreds of individuals around the world as a Thiel Fellow. The Thiel Fellowship, created by Peter Thiel, the co-founder of PayPal and first investor in Facebook, recognizes the top entrepreneurs around the world under the age of twenty.