Federico Pistono

Federico Pistono
社會企業家、教育家 / Social Entrepreneur, Educator

Frederico Pistono 是一位作者、社會企業家、科學教育家、講師和製片人。他曾撰文有關科學、科技、網路社­群、人工智慧和氣候變遷的主題。自義大利維洛那大學拿到資訊工程學士學位後,又從史丹­佛大學完成網路課程,拿到"機器學習" 碩士學位。2012年,他從美國太空總署設立於矽谷 Ames 研究園區的奇點大學的特殊課程畢業,主要專注於利用快速發展的科技解決人類面臨的重大­挑戰。他時常在世界各地的TEDx活動、學校、專題討論會演講。

他也是 Esplori 的創辦人兼執行長,其目標是提供一個具包容性的全球學習環境。在此環境裡,任何人都可­以不受實際環境或語言的限制,無論何時何地都能盡情地學習任何事物。

Federico Pistono is an author, social entrepreneur, scientific educator, lecturer, and aspiring filmmaker. He has written on science, technology, Internet communities, artificial intelligence, and climate change. He holds a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Verona, and completed the online course at Stanford on Machine Learning. In 2012 he graduated from Singularity University, NASA Ames Research Park, Silicon Valley, a special program whose aim is to solve humanity’s grand challenges by leveraging exponentially growing technologies. He speaks regularly at TEDx events, schools, and symposia around the world. He’s Founder and CEO of Esplori, whose goal is to provide an inclusive, global learning environment, where anyone can learn anything, anywhere, without physical or language barriers.