Jan K Rolnik

Jan K Rolnik

Jan K. Rolník曾參與歐洲多項跨國計畫,領域包含劇場、展覽、藝術節以及傳媒產業。和布拉格劇場四年展(Prague Quadrennial)和藝術與科技國際中心(International Center for Art & Technology, CIANT)的專案負責人。2008年合同創辦布拉格燈光設計機構(The Institute of Lighting Design Prague),致力於燈光設計與其他表演藝術領域的交流,也和學界及藝術節建立合作關係。

Jan在2013年第一屆的布拉格燈光藝術節(Signal/ Prague Light Festival)任節目總監一職,2014年將擔任該藝術節的發展經理。該藝術節利用燈光、影像、表演、聲音等藝術元素,將布拉格城市各角落轉換為新興科技表現的場域。

Jan Rolnik is a lifelong seeker of new challenges and opportunities in the world of performing arts, arts management, cultural heritage mapping, lighting design, and light art. His unique background in Financial Management and Aesthetics (Philosophy of Art) enables him to combine pragmatism and aestheticism in all of his projects.

Jan has been involved in various projects including Prague Quadrennial 2007, Theatre Architecture in Central Europe (book, exhibition, web database), Institute of Lighting Design Prague, the Prague lights festival SIGNAL, festival of stereoscopic video art Parallax, European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 2008 in The Czech Republic and many smaller projects. He is currently working on an interactive multimedia installation for Czech pavilion at EXPO 2015 in Milan.