John Hardy

John Hardy

John Hardy因擅長實踐獨特的想法而為人所知。他從安大略大學藝術及設計系畢業後便開始環遊世界,最後定居於印尼峇里島,並創立了一個國際珠寶公司。然而,2007年時,他將重心轉往教育和設計,希望藉此建立永續性的居住環境。他和太太Cynthia建立了印尼峇里島上第一所綠色學校,而這所學校在十八個月內便籌辦完成,並且以Alan Wagstaff 的Three Frame Day理念為基礎開創了新的教育方式。

John也和他女兒Elora Hardy合作建立一個設計團隊IBUKU 和一個綠色村落。他們在這裡研發各種永續性的建物並設計許多竹製的住宅、飯店、家具等。建造綠色學校和村落的建材大部分都是當地素材。其中,竹子是被大量運用的材料,原因是竹子的永續性、支撐力以及與生俱來的彈性和美感深受John的喜愛。

John Hardy is renowned for having unconventional ideas and turning them into a reality. After graduating from the Ontario College of Art & Design, John set off to travel around the world and settled in Bali. He built an international jewelry business and in 2007, shifted his focus from the John Hardy jewelry company to devote himself to build a more sustainable world through education and design. John and his wife, Cynthia, created the world’s first Green School in Bali, Indonesia. Within eighteen months, they opened the school for the future by pioneering a new form of education based on the Three Frame Day by Alan Wagstaff.

John also partnered with his daughter, Elora Hardy, to co-create award winning Ibuku and Green Village, a Bali-based design firm and private community. It is founded to advance residential and commercial architecture as well as design for bamboo homes, hotels, furniture and other structures.

The Green School and Green Village homes are built mostly of local materials with an emphasis on bamboo.The focus on bamboo comes from John’s deep interest in its sustainable properties and inherent strength of flexibility and beauty.