Takeshi Kanno

Takeshi Kanno
菅野 武

日本311大地震海嘯發生時,位於日本宮城縣東北部的公立志津川病院水淹四層樓,並且毀了一萬八千位居民的家園。菅野 武醫生當時正在此執勤,他立即投入疏散病患與救治的工作,在未來的兩天內,他堅守崗位,協助直升機轉移病患的任務,直到最後一位病患離開。海嘯發生一週後,菅野醫生仍回到宮城縣的志津川醫院,加入當地的醫療體系重建計劃。

2011年,菅野醫生的英勇作為,讓他獲選為時代雜誌(Time Magazine)年度百大風雲人物。時至今日,他依舊致力為日本311大地震受災區的居民發聲。


Dr. Takeshi Kanno was on duty when the Great East Japan Earthquake struck the northeastern Japanese town of Minami Sanriku on March 11, 2011. Moments later, when a tsunami alert sounded, he immediately began to evacuate dozens of patients at Shizugawa Public Hospital to the highest floor. The wall of water quickly engulfed four floors of the hospital and flattened the town of nearly 18,000 residents. Dr. Kanno stayed by the side of surviving patients over the next two days and assisted with the helicopter evacuation effort until the last survivor was pulled to safety. A week later, he went back to the town and was committed to reconstructing medical system in the area.

Dr. Kanno was chosen as one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in 2011 for his heroic actions of saving the lives of citizens in the community. To this day, he continues to speak out on behalf of those living in the affected areas.

Dr. Kanno is currently a medical doctor of the Department of Gastroenterology at the Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine. His research focus is in the connection between psychological stress and peptic ulcer development.