Tom Shaw

Tom Shaw

英國知名線上數位劇場(Digital Theatre)的執行製作人Tom Shaw,在傳播媒體產業有相當豐富的資歷,曾任現場大型活動、廣播電台、商業視頻與影片等製作人。他在活動企劃與製作公司Zafer Productions的任職期間負責執導索尼廣播學院獎、BCC爵士獎等重要活動。

Digital Theatre是一個英國的線上劇場資料庫,和多個劇團合作利用高科技紀錄現場表演,並轉化為線上檔案供全球觀眾隨時隨地欣賞英國的經典現場演出。其Digital Theatre Plus更提供老師和學生英國莎士比亞相關的劇場學習資源,和導演、演員和製作人的專訪。

Tom is the Executive Producer of all Digital Theatre and Digital Theatre Plus filmed productions and content, while also overseeing business affairs as a co-founder and Business Director of the company.

For over ten years, Tom has been a producer across a wide variety of media fields including live events, radio, broadcast, commercial video, and film. Formally at Amnesty International, Tom worked in the creative team of the charity, managing a variety of initiatives and projects across the fields of literature, television, comedy, theatre, and arts.

Prior to launching Digital Theatre, he co-founded a Soho production company that produced advertising, commercial and broadcast work.