Co-Create, Co-Living

顧名儀 Ming-I Ku

共同策展人 Co-Curator
新聞主播 Anchor



進步的觀念、作法、對話、思考,是新聞工作者除了報導真相之外,要提供給閱聽者思慮的方向。至少,到現在為止,我還是這麼相信著:We can change the world together.
I have been a news anchor and reporter for almost 15 years since I was a political science major in college.
I am consistently thinking about these following questions: what is the inner drive to make progress of a society? Where can we explore this kind of drive?  Is it possible to build up the inner drive in people’s mind?

In order to make advanced progress in the society, we need to ingrain the concept as DNA is to human. We need to stay curious, be unsatisfied with the impulse of changing, try different approaches that all come along together to push the way on the track of being more civilized that one day we could end unfairness, injustice, and inhumane in the society.

As a journalist, we are expected to pursue the truth. What we can do other than that for the audience is to provide concepts, measures, conversations and ways of thinking to make progress. It is not easy at all to change the world, but I still believe that if we mean it, we can make differences to the world.