Co-Create, Co-Living

余志海(安豬)Zhihai Yu

Social Entrepreneur, Founder of 1KG More

Zhihai Yu obtained his bachelors degree in Radio Engineering from South China University of Technology in 1996. After graduation, he gained work experiences in telecommunication and information technology. Zhihai is an avid traveler, and he has set foot in most provinces in South Western China. In 2004, inspired by a trip with a friend, he developed the idea of serving rural education in China, and initiated the 1KG More movement. 1KG More encourages travelers to bring books and school supplies to rural schools. Responding to the growth of the movement, by 2006, Zhihai quit his job and began his quest in social entrepreneurship. In 2008, he founded Aiju Social Innovation, a social enterprise devoted to providing innovative solutions to social issues.