Land and People

巴奈.庫穗 Panai Kusui & 那布 Nabu Husungan Istanda

歌手, 作詞者, 環境保護人士
Singer, Lyricist, Environmental Activist

Born in 1969. Panai's parents are of different aboriginal tribes, A-mai and Beinan. This special background and experience foretold her destiny as a nomadic observer of life.

Her music is one of the significant voices of Taiwan. Different from the songs of other aboriginal singers based in Taidong, her repertoire sounds grim and melancholic, as if she transfers her solitude to her works. When you listen to her songs and read her lyrics, you have a sense of familiarity, as if she understands the solitude and detachment inside you. Those who went to Panai’s live performance said they felt her music touched the wounds in their hearts that they were reluctant to admit ever existed. This is the uniqueness of Panai’s music— it touched people’s soul without even trying.  She now devotes herself to Anti-Nuclear Movement for a better tomorrow.