Co-Create, Co-Living

游智維 Zhi Wei You

Mini Trip Revolutionist


Zhi Wei You is extremely optimistic and dreams of changing this world through traveling. He believes that traveling could encourage travelers to get involve in issues related to local culture, agriculture, design, art, and environment. Afterwards, wecould create a society with more public participation.

Inspired by the comic One Piece, Zhi Wei You recruits people with different talents and treats his partners as a crew. He puts his idea into practice gradually. Firstly, he initiated the Old House Club and reconstructed the Old House Inn in Tainan, which won the 1st Xue Xue Award of Green Fashion. Then, he served as the host of Youth Hostel program in Treasure Hill Artist Village (THAV). Recently, Zhi Wei You is promoting the idea of Mini Mini Trip that encourages people to travel to local villages in Taiwan and try to appreciate the cultural and natural beauty.