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徐子涵 TH Schee

Open Data Evangelist

15歲茹素,專長為田徑短跑。念過十數所學校,大學中輟,因為相信開放的人生航道。2001年起投入數位運動,2002年結合國內外同好,將部落格引進華文地區。十年來陸續推動大型部落格托管平台、維基百科、播客和行動媒體等數位風潮。曾受聘於大型入口網站、中研院、跨國公司、電視媒體和新創公司擔任產品與管理要職。曾參與創辦台灣數位文化協會,所發起之計畫包含「胖卡」數位落差車、「莫拉克網路災情中心」以及 “Punch Party” 數位聚會,以上計畫悉數為台灣網路跨界和開放參與之指標。

現任Fertta.com執行長,不遺餘力投身於開放資料(open data)以及開放政府(open government)的資通訊政策研究,並且受邀擔任聯合國地理空間資訊委會(GGIM)願景小組之徵詢顧問,並多次於國內外公開演講、提供相關決策諮商與方向擬定。
TH Schee, a college dropout having pioneered several open web projects which spawned dozens of startup ventures and presidential/mayoral election web campaigns since 2002, is well-recognized in Taiwan. In 2006, he co-founded ADCT with local bloggers, which received official appraisal from the government for it's benevolence on mobilizing digital communities during Typhoon Morakot, the deadliest ever to hit Taiwan. Subsequent projects including Puncar, was awarded Honorary Mention in Digital Communities from PRIX ARS Electronica 2010 (Austria). He also co-founded MobileMonday Taipei Chapter and Punch Party, the later being an event conceived as an open venue where young web enthusiasts, designers, engineers, indie music performers and entrepreneurs could meet, exchange, and network.

He has served in critical positions at Academia Sinica, Yam.com, Mio.com, Sanlih E-Television and JUT Living Development Group, and is often invited to speak on forefront of digital revolutions. Now the CEO of Fertta.com, he works on ICT projects that power #OpenData in APAC,. While not in work mode, he travels on motorcycle, and is transparently available at http://sch.ee.

He rode a BMW across Australia at the age of 15 in 1992.