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毛向輝 Isaac Mao

Technology Theorist

毛向輝為中國最早出現的部落客之一,同時也是一名風險投資家、軟體設計師、企業家和社會技術研究者。其更是提倡「分享主義」的哲學學者。致力於研究開發、商業和社會工作等領域。做為一名與國際接軌的指標型部落客,毛向輝經常出席各式國際盛會,例如:世界經濟論壇(WEF)、Web 2.0高峰會和國際維基媒體大會(Wikimania),並發表個人演講。2006年更榮獲美國未來學會(Institute for the Future)「十年指標」人物之一。

現為群智基金會(Social Brain Foundation, SBF)共同創始人,旨在推動中國自由訪問、自由言論及自由思考等領域之基礎,內容包含:NPO 2.0、創意工廠、數字遊牧、開放教育和創作共同(CC)等項目;同時也為新元創投(Neuron VC)的創辦人。哈佛大學伯克曼網路與社會中心研究學者、TEDtoChina董事、Tor Project董事、全球之聲(Global Voice)顧問與歐洲物聯網委員會理事。
As one of the earliest bloggers in the China community, Isaac is also social entrepreneur, blogger, software architect and researcher in learning and social technology. As a trained software engineer, he has a long history leads developing both business and consumer software. He is a philosopher coined the term Sharism, a new philosophy explains a fully connecting world which transforms society and human being.

Isaac is also a global bridge in blogosphere. He is regular speaker/keynote to World Economy Forum, Web 2.0 Summit , Wikimania, Chinese Internet Research Conference, Ci'Num , PICNIC and other global internet cultural events.

He is now the director of Social Brain Foundation, fellow of Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, board member to Tor Project,  advisory to Global Voices Online and board member to several web 2.0 and new media businesses. He is also the co-curator of Ars Electronica symposium.