Education 2.0

Patrick Newell

創意教育家, TEDxTokyo共同策展人
Creative Educator, co-curator of TEDxTokyo

Patrick 主要擔任協作的創意顧問,也就是創造新點子並用新興的方式來分享。

他是TEDxTokyo的共同創辦人,TEDxTokyo 集結日本和國外的思想領袖來創造並且分享新的點子。TEDxTokyo是源自於TED conference的先驅計劃,被視為散播點子和塑造世界的先驅全球社群。

十五年前,Patrick是東京國際學校(Tokyo International School)的共同創辦人,現在TIS在東京服務超過50個國家的330位學生,也是二十一世紀的典範學校。


他同時也是非營利組織Living Dreams的創辦人,帶給日本超過五十個孤兒院中3000個孤兒力量並豐富他們的生活。
Patrick spends a growing portion of his time as a creative consultant collaboratively creating new ideas that pop and emerging ways of sharing them.

He co-founded of TEDxTokyo an organization that focuses on gathering Japanese and Foreign thought leaders to share and create new ideas. TEDxTokyo was a pilot program originated from the TED conference, which is regarded as a premier global community in the world for spreading ideas and shaping the world.

As a Learning Activist for the past twenty years, Patrick has navigated change and enhanced learning environments in Asia, Middle East, Europe, Russia and North America. He focuses on developing collaborative models in Technology, Learning, Board Governance, Accreditation, and Design, Entrepreneurial mindedness and the concept of Parents as the Primary Educators.

He is also the founder of Living Dreams an NPO that enriches and empowers over 3,000 orphans from over 50 children’s homes in Japan. Living Dreams supports these children through giving now and make it LAST (Learning, Arts, Sports and Technology).