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徐安廬 Andrew Hsu

AiryLabs 創辦人, 20 Under 20 創業資金得主
Founder of Airy Labs, Entrepreneur, Fellow at 20 Under 20

徐安廬的求學經歷頗為特殊,他現為 Airy Labs 的創辦人, 並參與Theil Fellowship 20Under20 計畫,二歲時即展現驚人的專注力及解決問題的能力,以樂高組合玩具組成與自己同高的機器人,五歲時已能解簡單的代數題目,六歲參加智商測驗,智商已超出量表能測驗的範圍,被認定為天才。八歲起決定在家自學,九歲開始參加內布拉斯加州大學的獨立學習高中函授課程,修習其所有之數學、物理、化學、生物及法語課程。

十一歲贏得華盛頓州高中組科展大獎成為美國高中科展最年輕冠軍得主,成為歷屆年紀最小的大獎得主,同年與弟徐安祺以父母提供的廿萬美元創立世界兒童基金會(World Children Organization)。

Educator/entrepreneur, neuroscientist, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at StartX, Thiel Fellow

Andrew is the founder of Airy Labs, a startup based in Silicon Valley that is creating the next generation of educational games to show kids around the world that learning is fun. He is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at StartX, the Stanford community startup accelerator, and a 2011 Fellow at the Thiel 20-under-20 Fellowship.

When Andrew was 10, he started to conduct molecular biology research at a pathology lab at the University of Washington. A year afterward, at 11, he became the youngest person to ever win a grand prize at the Washington State Science and Engineering Fair. He was also the youngest finalist in the history of the Intel International Science Fair. He started at the University of Washington when he was 12, and graduated at 16 with three B.S. degrees in Neurobiology, Biochemistry, and Chemistry. Afterwards, he moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to pursue his Ph.D. in Neuroscience at Stanford University, where he was a Frances B. Nelson Fellow and a Smith Stanford Graduate Fellow. He finally left his program in January 2011 as a 19-year-old 4th-year Ph.D. candidate to start a company.

Andrew was also a competitive swimmer when he was younger, posting the fastest 100 butterfly time on the West Coast of the USA among 12-year-olds. He still swims recreationally. He has also appeared on NBC, ABC, CBS, Time magazine for kids, and the National Geographic magazine for kids. His story has been included in a 4th grade textbook that was published in the US.