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劉耕名 Keng-Ming Liu

動態圖像導演 Motion Graphics Director

動態圖像導演(motion graphic direcrtor),旅居紐約九年,作品橫跨電影、電視台形象, 電視廣告、音樂錄影帶、插畫等領域。2006年初試啼聲,以首支動畫短片Travel Dairy拿下Adobe設計成就獎首獎,其後多支作品獲逾50個世界影展及奬項肯,並在紐約TED公開播映。服務客戶包括Facebook、Nike、MTV、Pepsi等國際企業。現為設計工作室mrbighead studio負責人。

劉耕名成長於台北萬華,幼時愛畫畫也愛自然生態,立志當昆蟲學家,推甄就讀台灣大學昆蟲學系,大學時期為採集研究,足跡踏遍台灣山林。大學畢業後,美感天賦驅使下,赴紐約藝術學院(School Visual Art)攻讀電腦藝術創作碩士,畢業後曾為Brand New School等多家紐約工作室創作動畫,後任職Suspect工作室資深美術指導4年,活躍紐約廣告設計圈至今。

截然不同的背景激盪之下,他的視覺語言獨特,善於融合看似對立的不同元素及媒材,山林╱都會、類比╱數位、童趣╱性感 、復古/新潮 兼備。擅長賦予靜態圖像生命,用緊湊新穎的轉場說故事。色彩明亮豐富,融合紐約下城的活力以及大自然規律的美感。Discovery探索頻道舉辦全球鯊魚保護活動,即以他的插畫創作進行慈善義賣。
Keng-Ming Liu is a motion graphics director, designer, animator and illustrator based in NYC. He has directed several music videos, animated numerous broadcast packages and commercials, designed logos for international brands, and illustrated for renown publications all over the world. Originally graduated from National Taiwan University with a BS in Entomology, he followed his love in art and later earned a MFA in Computer Art from School of Visual Arts. Many of his award-winning works were inspired by the beauty of the nature and the memory of discovering various kinds of beetles and fascinating butterflies. His international style and fervent passion have allowed him to expand his portfolio not only in the United States, but also in Taiwan - his home country. His recent works include projects for IDN magazine, music videos for Cheer Chen and Crowd Lu - two famous Taiwanese musicians, and animations for Facebook. Liu has received numerous nominations and awards from Adobe Design Achievement Awards, Oscar Student Academy Awards, Bitfilm Festival FX MIX Award, OFFF, Pictoplasma, and recognitions from design magazines such as Communication Art, Print Stash and IDN.