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羅申駿 Johnason Lo

JL DESIGN Founder & Creative Director

JL DESIGN創辦人羅申駿JL以超過14年的動態影像(Motion Graphics)與頻道品牌規劃經歷, 藉由本身獨到與靈敏的美學知感為電視頻道或企業進行品牌定位、視覺規劃與設計策略。

07‘年成立至今,JL DESIGN已成為亞洲最具知名度的動態影像與品牌設計公司。作品除了獲得多項國際競賽大獎肯定外,羅申駿也持續獲邀參與國際設計講座、評審擔任或是至校園演說。期望透過“向下扎根”,讓對Motion Graphics嚮往的台灣設計人能透過JL DESIGN的經驗與世界接軌。

以對的方式來做對的事情、好的作品具有強烈偏執; 奮力一搏勝過得過且過。羅申駿JL對於投身藝術性視覺設計的熱情與實踐唯有破壞現有不健全體制,建構出等同於國際間一線設計公司的製作流程與模式的產業環境,是JL DESIGN永不間斷的目標。
Founder of JL Design, Johnason Lo, has over 14 years of experience in motion graphics and channel branding.  Driven by his unique artistic sense, instincts and passion, he is focused on creating the best brand strategy, visual brand identity and design concept for television channels and corporations alike.

Founded in 2007, JL DESIGN has since become one of Asia’s most prolific motion graphics design studio, garnering numerous international awards and accolades; Johnason can constantly be found attending international design conferences, judging at competitions or speaking at institutions.  He hopes to “lay down the foundations” for local designers interested in motion graphics by sharing with them the experiences that JL DESIGN has gained through its connection to the world.

Doing the right things the right way; be relentless in the pursuit of excellence; reach for the stars rather than just dealing with what you have got.  Johnason’s passion for great design work and determination to rectify the current dysfunctional working environment, lead JL DESIGN to pursue a production workflow and work model equaled to that of a world class design studio as its ultimate goal.