Rising Stars

彭書睿 Ray Peng

共同策展人 Co-Curator
Secretary General of United Mission of Taiwan


Grew up in the Amoy Street, Ray Peng makes a special decision after retired from army: he chooses to serve on the MV Doulos Phos. A part of Ray Peng’s soul remains on this world's oldest active ocean-faring passenger ship, where he learns to recognize his location on the earth by observing the see and the sky. He has been to more than 50 countries before thirty. He has witnessed the end of the war in Republic of Sierra Leone, the breakdown of communism in Romania, and the striving of people in Sri Lanka after the destruction of tsunami. In 2008, He joins World Vision and is responsible for the development programs of Congo and Ethiopia, and also the program of World Food Programme.

Ray Peng is currently the Secretary General of United Mission of Taiwan. He dreams of encouraging more young people leave this island and spread the love. He now devotes himself in delivering speaks and writing.