Rising Stars

吳承儒 Cheng Ju Wu


Cheng Ju Wu, born in 1997AD. Tenth grade in Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School. When he was in junior high school, he won the first prize of the 51st Republic of China Primary and Secondary Science Fair(Earth Science). After that, he won the second award of Earth Sciences in the 2012 Taiwan International Science Fair. His research is mainly about to create a new measurement of differential settlement for high speed rails. His research can make a third party objective information expect the government or the high speed rail company itself. With a Simplify measure process, everyone can check for their traffic safety. He took 200 times of high speed rail for his research. Overthrow the statement that Yunlin's land subsidence caused the traffic safety concerns of the high speed rail. Also prove the Miaoli is the most serious of the whole route. After shooting the first Google Search Story in April 2012. Now he is still continuing on his research.