Rising Stars

陳可萱 Coco Chen

Ecology Conservation Explorer



Coco Chen is a normal person, but she refuses someone to make arrangements for her future.

She has wandering soul, leaving her comfort zone and trying something she never done before. She rode a bicycle to travel alone around Taiwan Island. Without specific purpose, she just opened her mind to make new friends and listened to her heart. Also, she ever went to Vietnam for being an International volunteer, challenging herself to overcome her fear.

In 2011, Coco Chen went to Borneo alone to act up to her promise to serve as a volunteer for protecting the rain-forest. She stayed in the rain-forest and lived with aboriginal rain-forest people, Iban, who practiced head-hunting in historic times. Trying to find Great Argus Peasant, which is a kind of endemic species in Borneo, she endured insect and mosquito bites, and getting wounds on her skin by Thorns. Finally, she left Borneo with some record about the special species and Iban; she got a precious friendship as well.