Love And Compassion

朱平 Ping Chu

共同策展人 Co-Curator
Businessmaker, Daymaker and Ripplemaker

生意人、悅日人、漣漪人。現為肯夢(代理AVEDA)、肯邦(代理Paul Mitchell, Lebel, Utowa)、肯愛(Nonzero)創辦人、漣漪人基金會、紅屋共同創辦人。台北醫學大學藥學系學士、美國奧克拉荷馬大學臨床藥學碩士、美國哈佛大學商業學院總裁經營管理班畢業。

朱平所創辦之肯邦於1996年獲得第四屆國家磐石獎,倡導環保永續、具有社會責任的消費文化觀。其相信微型企業是覺知商業(Conscious business)最好的方式,他提出「21世紀有才能的人,將會選擇在營利型社會企業(for-profit social enterprise)開創第二生涯。」

現在的朱平致力於推廣有更高目的的營利企業 (PFP: Profit For Purpose Business)的商業模式,希望鼓勵更多有能力、想有更高人生目的的年輕人,來共同創造生活,而不只是求生存 。(make a life, not just make a living)
Ping is a Businessmaker, Daymaker and Ripplemaker. He is also the founder of Canmeng (distributor of Aveda), Canbran (distributor of Paul Mitchell, Lebel, Utowa) and Canlove (Nonzero Restaurant). Ping graduated from Taipei College of Medicine, Bachelor in Pharmacy. Master in Clinical Pharmacy from University of Oklahoma, Owner/President Management Program (OPM 24) from Harvard Business School.

Ping believes that small medium enterprises are a great platform to experiment with conscious business practices. In the 21st century, the most talented people will start their second career in the for-profit social enterprise sector in the coming years. Now he focuses on creating a business/revenue model that will attract these talented people who want to make a life, not just make a living.