Love And Compassion

賴佩霞 Pei-Hsia Lai

心靈課程講師, 魅麗雜誌發行人, 演員, 畫家, 歌手
Psychiatric Counselor, Publisher of Amazing Magazine, Actress, Painter, Singer

In 1984, Pei-Hsia released her first personal album "Freeze My Love". Later, she was invited by the Christian Rehabilitation Fellowship to participate in the Rehabilitation Education Promotion Program. In this program, Pei-Hsia had the opportunities to visit many juvenile prisons, adult prisons for men and for women, and halfway homes, throughout Taiwan.
Every one of these places Pei-Hsia went had encountered one after another life story of blood and tears, that had deeply shocked this young freshman who has just entered the real world. These extraordinary life experiences not only opened Pei-Hsia’s perspective of soul, but also led her into a deeper thinking and expectation on the subject of life.

As she got older, her exploring and researching of human nature gets deeper and deeper, and her expectation of it is also getting grander. After all, everyone is longing for & being loved and understood. With the extra bit of patience, we will be able to help the world, and to iron out all the pains and trauma in our life.