Love And Compassion

陳玉慧 Jade Y. Chen


Jade Y. Chen is a multi-talented artistic figure of the Sinophone world who, for many years, has been based in Europe. She has taken on various roles, simultaneously acting as writer, actress, director, playwright and choreographer. She currently serves as the European correspondent for Taiwan’s United Daily News, as well as a freelance contributor to numerous German-language publications. In addition, she has been an organizer of large-scale international cultural events, curating a major theatre festival in honor of cultural collaboration between Taiwan and Germany. She has also served as an organizer for international programming at the National Theatre and Concert Hall in Taipei, curating the program Made in Germany. Her novel, The Personals, is a bestseller that has been adapted into a play and a feature film. The Sea God Family received the Taiwan Literature Award and The Dream of the Red Chamber Award as a distinguished novel in Chinese. It has been translated into various languages and published internationally, as well as adapted into an opera.