Love And Compassion

不老騎士 Dream Rangers
林依瑩 Lin Yi Ying

Dream Accomplisher


Seventeen elders, average age over 81 years old, rode on their motorcycle and traveled around Taiwan in 2007. It took 13 days to complete this 1178-km trip! Regardless of the suffering of cancer, high blood pressure and hearing problem, they overcame all the difficulties with a fearless heart and accomplished this mission impossible.

Lin Yi Ying is currently the executive director of Hondao Senior Citizen’s Welfare.
Growing up in a happy three-generation family, the motivation for her to serve the elders comes from her grandmother. As the executive director for almost seven years, she leads the team to accompany four thousand disabled and lonely elders with her full heart. To encourage them to regain the value of life, the team has created a dream stage for more than 30,000 elders, including the famous senior riders, “Dream Rangers”.