Love And Compassion

杜篤之 Tu Du-Chih

Sound Designer


1972年高中畢業後進入中影錄音室,期間服務長達20年。其不斷地為台灣電影錄音技術創造無限可能,1989年在《悲情城市》採用同步錄音;1991年《牯嶺街少年殺人事件》啟用台灣第一套同步錄音設備,使該片成為唯一在台灣完成所有後製混音之作品;1992年《少年吔,安啦!》首度採用杜比立體聲(Dolby Stereo)技術;1997年《春光乍洩》則首度使用數位剪接。

Tu Du-Chih is a Taiwanese production sound mixer and sound designer who has won several awards in Golden Horse Film Awards, Cannes Film Festival, and National Award for Arts. He has cooperated with a number of talented Asian directors. His well-known works include Story of Time, A Brighter Sumer Day, Yi Y: A One and a Two, Flowers of Shanghai, A City of Sadness, Millennium Mambo, In the Mood for Love, 2046, Cape No. 7, etc..

Du is considered a major contributor who set the milestone on sound recording in Taiwanese film industry. After he graduated from high school, he joined the Central Motion Picture Corporation Sound Department. During this period, Du continually applied innovative technologies and equipments of sound and recording in his works, such as simultaneous recording in A City of Sadness and A Brighter Sumer Day, the Dolby Stereo technology in Dust of Angels (1992), and digital editing technology in Happy Together (1997).