The Makers

范皓鈞 Till Fang

Fashion Designer

1990年出生,年僅22歲的范皓鈞以充滿立體感的「ENDLESS HOPE」系列作品於2012年西班牙馬德里時裝新銳設計師發表會上榮獲國際品審團首獎。「我嘗試利用服裝傳遞情感,透過多重角度的解釋歸納結論。」

拖著滿是傷痕的身軀,懷抱從黑暗裡透出的一絲希望。系列靈感來自美國傳奇女歌手Diana Ross-If We Hold On Together一曲,以內斂的手法詮釋追逐夢想的苦澀,在希望與絕望之間,唯一不變的是我們的熱情。
Born in 1990, 22 years old Fang Hao-Chun awarded the best international collection in 2012 Soy Cibelino Festival Madrid Spain.

The collection titled ”Endless Hope” is an interactive dialogue between the designer and the Diana Ross song “If we hold on together” from her “Force Behind the Power” album of 1991.

An emotive silhouette is constructed through a bold use of colour and high density foam padding, wool and fur.

With a restrained approach fluctuating between dark and bright, it reflects that holding on to the end is only possible through our passions.